Dan Dugmore and
Steve Hinson
visiting at our factory
Kenny Forbes and Jeff
at Scotty's International
Steel Guitar Convention
Jim Sallee and Jeff at
Scotty's International
Steel Guitar Convention
Michael Ursitti Jr
getting a feel for the  
Show Pro in Atlanta
Gaylon Matthews
checking out Jeff's
Show Pro in Atlanta
Ron Lands with both of
his Show Pro's in
Atlanta.  Thanks for
bringing them.
Bruce Terry sitting
behind the Show
Pro In Atlanta
Mike Mathews
enjoying the Show
Pro in Atlanta
Mike Cass checking
out Tommy White's
new Show Pro guitar
Jon Graboff visiting
the Show Pro factory
while in Nashville
Ron Shearer with
Lloyd Green and his
Show Pro #0001
Kenny Greenberg
a Nashville session
Jeff's good friend from
Charlotte, Steve Hicks
Phil Perry trying
out the Show Pro
in St Louis
Kai Skaar from Norway
checking out "The Lloyd
Green" in St Louis
Mike Sigler trying
out the Show Pro
in St Louis
Mike Johnson
giving  a demo at our
booth in St Louis
Noel and his wife Shirley
(Anapeg Steel Guitars)
from Australia stop by
the factory for a visit
Alan Kendall a band
member of the Bee
Gee's visiting with Jeff
Charlie Tryon and Ray
Hunt visiting the factory
Ron Sikes with his
Show Pro and Jeff
visiting at the Dallas
Steel Guitar Show
Jeff and his friend  
drummer John Stacy at
the Dallas Steel Show
Jeff got to catch up with
Deryl Dodd (he use to
play for him) when Deryl
stopped by the Dallas
Steel show
Mike Briley brought
his guitar to the
Dallas show
Paul Franklin playing his
new Franklin steel guitar
in Dallas.  (The cabinet
was built at our factory.)
Our incredible watermelon
carving  was a hit at the
Dallas Show.   Jeff  was
happy to have his picture
taken with Amena.  Thank
you Amena for this gift.
Jeff with Deryl and
some of the Homesick
Cowboys Eric Nelson
and Steve Rhian
Jeff with his friend  
D Vincent Williams
Jeff and an old friend
Smoky Coe at the
MASGA steel show
Jeff with John
McLaughlin and
his new Show Pro
Jeff visiting backstage at
the Opry with Slim
Yamaguchi and Steve
Ledford from Mark
Chesnutt's band
Jeff and Mark
Chesnutt backstage
at the Opry
Ricky and Luke Skaggs
visit with Jeff when
picking up Luke's guitar
Landon (Jan Jones
grandson) with Donna
Jackson in St Louis
Jeff and his good friend
Paul Helton, President of
McEwen funeral
services-Charlotte NC
Jeff with Antonio
Romano outside of
Bice.  An excellent
Italian restaurant that
Antonio manages in
Jamie Lennon playing
Rusty Danmeyers Show
Pro on Broadway
Buck Nosaka playing a
Show Pro in Japan
Michael Flanders and
his twins wearing their
Show Pro T-shirts
A.J and Margaret
Nelson with one of
his finishes